Q. Am I too old to start dance exercise sessions?

A. Some of our members are in their 80’s. They can choose to remain seated and do as much or as little of the session as they wish. Our dance artist is very skilled at helping everyone to feel involved.

Q. Do I need to have experience of dance.

A. Not at all. Everyone participates at their own level and we never take ourselves too seriously.

Q. I have mobility issues. Will I be able to join in?

A. We have many members who have a variety of conditions. Upon joining the group our leader is made aware of any issues members may have and is able to accommodate them safely when devising exercises and routines.

Q. Do I need to wear special clothes or shoes.

A. Just wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are not slippery.

Q. What if I do not have my own transport or find public transport difficult?

A. We have a free mini bus that will pick up and return you to your house if you have these needs.

Q. Do the sessions cater for men as well as women.

A. Everyone is welcome.

Q. How much do the sessions cost.

A. We collect £5 from members and you pay only for the sessions you attend. The sessions and transport are subsidised through our fundraising and if anyone found it difficult to find the subscription we could discuss it in confidence to help an individual to attend.